The Final Land


Our film is now available in a "Limited 4-Disc Collector's Edition" - directly available in the Rocket Beans online store!

Included is our film in HD (1) as well as in SD (2) [english subs available], our feature-length making-of (3), the Rocket Beans TV telecollective (4) and a few more bonus features (audio commentary, an additional film talk, an additional featurette, trailer) - and a 52-page booklet, with all kinds of info, an essay by film scientist (and sci-fi expert) Andreas Rauscher and a written Q&A with the team.

So there's actually everything in there that we have ;)

Oh, and the Rocket Beans have also designed a T-shirt...!



dvd / bd

And now our film is available in German stores. :)


more screenings in german cinemas

New screenings on the horizon (events)!


filmdienst review

Very pleasing review by the "Filmdienst". The writer seems to have a good antenna for everything that goes on between the images - something you can really use when you watch our film!


first screenings in germany

Our film is hitting German cinemas (events)!


german cinema release

On August 5, our film finally hits theaters in German-speaking Europe!


marcel at rocket beans tv

Yesterday our director Marcel joined the Rocket Beans to be interviewed about our film. Schröck, Philline and Matthias were especially interested in the do-it-yourself aspect and of course there was a lot to tell. It was good fun!

The interview took place during the Shivers Film Festival, which is completely online this time. Until tomorrow you can find some great films there - our recommendation: Jallikattu!

The interview has now also been uploaded to Kino Plus:


the final land at utopia filmfest

Between the years 2020 and 2021 the Utopia Filmfest takes place in Tel Aviv - and our film is running in the international Galactic Panorama section. Very fancy poster, we think!


a hopeful ship

"The spaceship metaphorically represents hope - hope for a better life, for a real future and a second chance." - thanks for 9 out of 10 stars,, and thanks for this interpretation! When the film was written, different objects of hope were at the forefront than today, but hope itself, that's always a good and true thing. ;)



german cinema release postponed

This week our film would have been released in selected German cinemas. Fortunately, this will not be canceled now, but only postponed: To April 29, 2021.

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